For Non-Emergencies call
(850) 606-5800
Tallahassee • Leon County • Florida

Calling the CDA

man on phone in front of fender bender

If you need police or medical assistance, but it is not a life-threatening emergency, you should call the CDA at 850-606-5800.

Some examples of non-emergencies include:

  • Acts of vandalism
  • Property theft
  • Fender bender auto accidents with no injuries
  • Neighborhood noise complaints

You can call the CDA from both wired and wireless phones 24-hours a day. If you are unsure whether your situation is an emergency, please dial 911.

Calling 911

If the Situation is an Emergency, Dial 911

family looking at a house fire

An emergency situation is any situation that may be life-threatening or that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department, or ambulance.

Some examples of emergencies include:

  • A fire
  • A crime, especially if in progress
  • A car crash, especially if someone is injured
  • A medical emergency, such as someone who is unconscious, gasping for air or not breathing, experiencing an allergic reaction, having chest pain, having uncontrollable bleeding, or any other symptoms that require immediate medical attention

You can call 911 from both wired or wireless phones 24-hours a day. Cell phone calls and calls using Voice Over IP usually can’t be traced to a specific address, so the dispatcher will likely need information about your location.

Emergency Assistance is Not Available Through This Website

Please use a phone to either dial 911 or call the CDA at 850-606-5800

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