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AWARDS & Accreditations


Our Award-Winning Team Members

Alessandra "Ally" Shepherd

Tallahassee Community College - Heroes in Public Safety, Chris Connell Young Professional Award

William "Will" Blanton

Tallahassee Community College - Heroes in Public Safety, Hall of Fame Inductee

As Pictured with CDA Director David Odom (left), we honor Ally and Will for their accomplishments in public safety.


For Exceptional Achievements

At the CDA it is our mission to swiftly and accurately communicate with the public and direct emergency personnel to them in times of need. When seconds count, it is important that a highly trained and qualified team is there to help.

Our operators and command staff go above and beyond to help the community, and their hard work and dedication have been recognized with highly esteemed awards. The CDA is honored to receive credentials from some of the top accreditation organizations in Florida, and we are excited to continue serving the community with distinction.