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CDA's Mission

The CDA is committed to excellence, dedicated to professional and technical progress, and motivated by the value of its role as a vital link between the public and public safety organizations.

The Agency is headed by a civilian director with an administrative staff, 12 shift supervisors and 80 public safety communications operators (PSCO).  PSCOs complete an intensive in-service training program under the guidance of certified and experienced Communication Training Officers and are cross-trained as call-takers, law enforcement dispatchers, fire dispatchers, and teletype operators within a year.

The CDA is equipped with state of the art technology; including an 800 MHz digital radio system, computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to monitor public safety responder’s activity, Automatic Vehicle Locator / Global Positioning Satellite (AVL/GPS) that tracks the location of public safety vehicles, and an FCIC/NCIC system.

CDA personnel process and prioritize incoming calls for law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire fighters.  The nature of a PSCOs job requires them to perform multifunctional tasks while responding to callers who are often panic-stricken, scared, or angry.

It is the job of the call takers to obtain critical information as accurately and quickly as possible in order to maintain officer/fire fighter safety, enhance swift and efficient apprehension of criminals, and facilitate timely responses to citizens in need.  The job can be challenging and stressful, but is also very rewarding.

Many derive a great deal of satisfaction knowing that every day they are able help people resolve problems affecting their lives.  In 2015, PSCOs responded to more than 179,000 emergency 911 calls and approximately 285,000 non-emergency calls for service.

Fire, EMS, Police and Sheriff vehicles lined up


Achieve national Recognition as one of the premier Consolidated Dispatch Agencies in the country.


Enrich public service through active listening, accurate interpretation, and swift dissemination of emergency and non-emergency calls to appropriate resources.


Customer Service, leadership, responsibility, employee excellence, and teamwork.